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How it works

How it works

No more scouring the internet in search of Influential Moms, followed by long and drawn out negotiations. 

Use the search tools to find influencers who fit your exact needs, or just browse the various opportunities from Influential Moms. See reach, pricing, and more all from their listings and get to know the Influential Mom more by checking her profile. 

Communication is easy within our platform, and you can enter into an agreement with confidence after reading the Influencer's reviews. Plus, while you'll pay at the time of booking, the payment will not be released to the influencer until the job is completed. 

Want Influential Moms flocking to you? 

You also have the ability to list your brand opportunities so that they can be discovered by Influential Moms eager to share your brand with their world!


Influential Moms offers you exposure to the brands you want to collaborate with, so that you can increase your profits while connecting your audience with the brands that will make their lives easier and more fun.  The more collaborations you execute, the more money you make - so, repeat the process as often as you'd like. 

Simply create your profile, add your opportunities, and allow brands to find you easily!

Want to be proactive? 

Browse brand opportunities and reach out to the ones that interest you!