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Influential Moms is a platform for brands and influencers to connect and collaborate with other members of the marketplace. 

Have you ever wondered why moms make 85% of buying decisions on everything from new baby prep to home improvement?

It could be that women simply enjoy shopping more than men - or that mom’s are making more money. Moms are increasingly becoming the breadwinners in their households. In 40% of households with kids, women are the sole/primary provider, and 29% of partnered working moms earn more than their spouses.

Reasons aside, the data shows us that moms are more likely to research and make purchase decisions for their households. As a matter of fact, 84% of moms go online when looking for product/brand recommendations before they make a purchase.

A Neilson study found that heavy focus on products/services in advertising tends to reduce ad effectiveness among moms. This obviously does not mean that you should stop advertising, however it does indicate that a new approach to traditional advertising will yield better results. This is where influencer marketing comes into play! 

Word-of-mouth advertising has a huge impact on purchase decisions - especially among moms.

63% of moms believe word-of-mouth recommendations are credible, and 55% are more likely to purchase products that have been suggested to them in this way.

These days “word of mouth” isn’t happening face-to-face, but rather through social media and other digital content. 74% of Moms have purchased products as a result of a promotion mentioned in a blog, and 65% of Moms have learned about products/services through social media.

Moms go online when they’re seeking trustworthy advice and they value the opinions of virtual friends (influencers) as much as IRL (in real life) friends.

Influencers spend years building their networks online and gaining the love and trust that makes them feel like a close friend, which positions them to be the ideal advocates for your brand.

Yet, when asked if they would rather get information from a celebrity mom or an experienced mom like themselves, 67% said they would more likely turn to a peer mom - which is where micro-influencers come into play.

A micro-influencer is someone who has between 1,000 to 100,000 followers.

Bigger does not always mean better, more important than an influencer’s follower count, is the composition of their audience. Ask yourself, are they also your brand’s exact target audience?

It’s also a bonus that influencers with less followers tend to have way higher engagement rates than those with huge followings, AND as we’ve already established, they’re more likely to be trusted by their audience.

So, working with a few micro-influencers in your niche is a solid strategy that will often benefit you more than working with one mega-influencer.


Our marketplace will make it easy to connect and collaborate with the best Influential Moms for your brand, and set up campaigns that will increase your exposure and profits - and repeat!

Influencer marketing (like all marketing) is not a one-and-done. You’ll repeat the process often - and either cast a wide net (by working with an increasing number of Influential Moms) or go deep with your audience (by working frequently with the same Influential Moms) as your business grows. 

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